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85 libros 78 películas / 85 books 78 films

this publication is the result of the research and artistic experimentation project La Escocesa 2021 "100/24. Non-creative explorations". The book gathers the results of two non-creative marathons ("Hyperpublication 100/24", in which 14 participants set out to write, design and publish 100 books in 24 hours; and "100 movies in 24 hours", in which we tried with films) and a series of interviews, conversations and reflections on creativity, value and copying. you can read more about it here

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fíjate en qué está pasando aquí / look at what's happening here

taking the small to a larger scale by pointing out the things that are overlooked, appropriating the configurations of artistic institutions to singularize the corners of the internet that I have found. Through video editing I tried to ensure that these abandoned videos, with less than 100 views on YouTube, became valued and seen as I did. Show what remains in the background. To do this, I edited the videos according to the aesthetic codes of the moment so that they were “accepted”, and once so, I used them as frames that surrounded the original video.

you can see the process and the final videos here

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editar apariencia

photography publication done at home during the lockdown of the sanitary crisis of the covid-19 that aims to explore how this situation has caused us to modify our behavior in order to adapt urselfs, as well as our stimuli and visual imagery has changed, being replaced, in some cases, by a more virtual world

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sincera typeface

design of a macro typography for web that is born from the union of two forms similar to ellipses. very sutil design best for use on large bodies

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installation and design of an audiovisual piece that includes instagram posts under the hashtag #brushyourteeth to show the lack of privacy that the internet has left us.

square format videos are combined with ambient sounds of brushing teeth and public lectures by artists, bringing the viewer to an environment somewhere between public and private by interrupting a person's familiarity.

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@yurideluto tour 2019

visual content for instagram promotion - tattoo

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tabu magazine 2019

editorial magazine that treats different taboos in each edition. This first one is around sexuality.

the pages are hidden and must be broken to discover the history behind these taboos as well as current artists who work with them

wet tape

veideoart with personal found footage

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